About Steno

Steno provides a friendly, comfortable atmosphere in a professional environment designed for productivity. We have a core belief in the power of proximity and the natural, organic benefits that are the result of working near complementary skillsets held by great people. There is a time for social hour, and a time to work. Our focus is creating a great environment for you to work in and maximize your productivity, allowing you more time for social activities when you leave at the end of each day.

The Building

Steno resides in a contemporary post-Victorian mansion built in 1905. The house incorporates a mixed style of mid-century modern design and steampunk industrial elements. Our primary focus is maximizing productivity for our members by prioritizing commercial-grade wifi networking, wired ethernet, large work surfaces, and fostering a potent mix of professional and personality types. The space features a rear parking lot as well as indoor bike storage and a shower for those who choose a more green commute.

The Neighborhood

We are located three blocks west of Denver’s beautiful and historic City Park.

The City Park West neighborhood is a vibrant mix of historical homes and eclectic commercial pockets. Over 40 restaurants reside within a one mile radius including Denver staples such as Olive & Finch, Bocaza, Okinawa, Pete’s Kitchen, Humbolt Farm and Fish, Vine Street Pub and Brewery, Thin Man, Il Posto, Pinche Tacos, Deep Draft Brewing, Patxtis Pizza, and Illegal Pete’s.


Opened in August of 2015, Steno is operated by Lindsey Strickler and Rex Roberts with extensive support by friends, family, and colleagues. The project has been infused with deep personal touches by the team. Items such as desks, tables, and light fixtures that were handbuilt to complement stellar original features of the building like hardwood floors, door hardware, and woodwork creating an environment unique to Denver office rentals.


The name Steno has a variety of etymological influences and adaptations. But as an inspiration for our workspace we owe it to an individual, Nickolas Steno.

Nickolas Steno was a 16th century scientist who pioneered discoveries in anatomy, geology, and paleontology. His prevailing motivation was to reject simple answers, not because he wanted to rebel but because he knew there was a better way to solve problems through tactile exploration and measurement. A mode of thought we feel strikes at the heart of current trends in the growth of Denver business culture.